The site covers some 12.74 hectares and is located to the west of Burbage, which lies within the administrative boundary of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council.

An Outline Planning Application was submitted in August 2019 for a mixed-use scheme that included a residential area to the east, of up to 140 dwellings, and commercial development to the west, of up to 30,000 sq m of B1/B8 land use.  During the determination period the Burbage Neighbourhood Plan (BNP) was the subject of examination, which identifies, under Policy 9 ‘Wildlife and Green Corridors’ covering part of the site and the application was refused at committee and subsequently refused at appeal.

A second outline application was submitted in September 2021 for a residential scheme comprising up to 150 dwellings located within the north-east portion of the site and the layout now protecting and enhancing the Wildlife and Green Corridor and this application was approved at appeal in January 2023.

The proposals for Land Off Sketchley Lane will create a high quality and attractive residential neighbourhood with a village character, set within a verdant landscape setting. This highly sustainable site is exceptionally well located to offer access to existing jobs, services and facilities – including health, education, shops, and open space. The site benefits from excellent connectivity by public transport and convenient foot and cycle links to key destinations. The development has been designed with strong environmental principles to ensure the protection and enhancement of existing natural features, with two thirds of the site being set aside for open space to provide biodiversity enhancement, recreational opportunities, play and amenity green space for residents and local people to enjoy.